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Who We Are, What We Do, & Why We Are An Integral Part Of Your Business

WALTER MEDIA - Creative Arts Studios, LLC is a full-service Creative Media Arts and Production Company. Our dedication is to delivering high-quality, high-profile, uniquely original conceptual branding and creative design, digital and web-based production, media consultation, professional print materials, product and brand packaging, custom merchandise and unlimited specialty items that help legitimize, optimize and solidify your brand, and lend your professional image a major boost for a highly reasonable cost, as compared to most traditional professional production studios and agencies. We diligently work within most any budget, schedule and time constraints as specified by our clientele toward realizing all specific needs most efficiently and effectively . 

Walter Media was officially formed in South Dakota in 2007, between our two Founding Owners and Directing Artists we enjoy a combined professional experience of more than 60 consecutive years in the industry, including work at professional agencies such as Modern Press & Label, and Lawrence & Schiller. Highly trained, educated, and accredited from among the nation’s top art schools, we hold degrees/studied in programs for Advertising & Marketing at STI, and Media Arts & Animation, and Video & Audio Production at The Colorado Institute Of Art. Teamed with our many rewarding years of experience, we always pride ourselves and our company on providing our Clientele with nothing but the absolute best artistic creation and execution available, from start to finish, and beyond.

Walter Media’s Clients include a wide array of long-standing, high-profile companies, businesses and organizations, small and local businesses, musicians and producers, public and private clubs, groups and teams, as well as many state and county government agencies, departments and organizations. Including: Veterans Affairs, Mental Health and Disabilities, Planning and Zoning, Law Enforcement, Historical Sites and more.


Walter Media - Creative Arts Studios, LLC is the complete source for all your artistic digital and print media needs. We offer a literally unlimited array of stunning, one of a kind, high quality creative designs, a complete line of fully customizable quality print materials, products, merchandise and much more, all of which are designed & produced with your image, budget and time in mind. We have the ability to handle a wide variety of your needs with one simple call... can it really be that easy? The answer is YES! And the answer is clear.


(*Non-withstanding specific pre-existing contractual obligations) ANY & ALL Contracts (Written, Verbal, or otherwise) shall be rendered NULL & VOID After a Period of 1 Year (365 days) from signed contract date, regardless of outcome(s) or of any aforementioned terms (negotiated, or non). Any and all deposits and/or funds paid shall be forfeited should collaborative duties in order to fulfill said contracted duties not be observed by payee. There are no exceptions to this rule, unless stipulated by company officer through either personal litigation or lawful mitigated  negotiations.

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