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High-Quality Brand Conceptualization, Design & Positioning is a Key Asset

The first crucial step in the success of any viable marketing campaign is the conceptualization and creation (or updating / modernization) of your company or organization’s brand image. Creation and distribution of your marketing materials is also an extremely important consideration. With the right branding and materials, coupled with your great products and/or services, as well as the proper distribution / saturation, your marketing campaign will be positioned for success from the very start.

We suggest utilizing a mix of the following marketing mediums as pertaining to your company or organization’s particular structure and needs. The following listing (below) denotes important marketing assets that we highly recommend for any marketing mix / strategy; however, we also offer other unique materials worth considering.



Organizational Branding / Conceptual & Creative Design 


  • Conceptual Branding & Design Layouts – Logo / layouts featuring and representing official (logos) name & slogan. Essential for public-facing organizations that need to raise awareness through all marketing mediums.


Print Marketing Mediums & Materials 

  • Business Cards – Quite literally, your calling card to success.

  • Company Letterhead & Envelopes – All of your professional communication should be branded, and letterhead and envelopes with your logo, slogan and contact information help to serve that purpose.

  • Brochures & / or Catalog – Your brochure &/or catalog should generally target a very specific audience.

  • Corporate Identity Package – For complete conveyance of information to serious prospects and at presentations, nothing beats a solid corporate identity package comprised of a brochure or catalog, introduction letter, press clippings, flier and other materials held by a branded presentation pocket folder with business card slot(s).

  • Signage – Signs placed on properties and vehicles serve a dual purpose: They advertise and also brand your company.

  • Fliers – Fliers are an excellent way to advertise, especially as takeaways.

  • Postcards (Direct Mail) – Postcards put your message directly in front of your target audience. They’re also a great way to keep your company branded. They can be mailed directly to the target list, a wide area, or inserted in a local newspaper / publication.

  • Posters, Club / Info cards, Door Hangers, etc. – Used for point of sale visual promotion of products or services.

  • Newspaper/Magazine Advertisements (layouts) – You can advertise listings locally in newspapers and magazines – full-page, half-page, third-page, quarter-page, etc. (also consider local television and/or radio air time).

  • Product Decals & Packaging – Official product branding featuring official (logos) name & slogan, as well as specific product info. Essential for branding and product placement.

Digital / Online Marketing Mediums / Tools 


  • Website (Desktop & Mobile Device Sites) – Crucial new-media marketing tool necessary to instantly reach, inform and convert a vast audience of prospective customers.

  • Social Media Websites (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) – Social media can instantly convey critical information, provide a platform for fielding questions and sharing advertising / promoting, get potential buyers to visit your website as well as share information about you with each other, promoting brand awareness, and more (new media).

  • Technical Preparation: Online / Web Technical Data Entry (initial) – This is an array of individual tasks that must be completed before online activities such as websites and email accounts can be initiated, it includes all your initial online data entry, such as domain name(s) registration & DNS set-up, email accounts and forwards set-up, digital location GPS mapping submissions, site analytics, search engine submissions and optimization, social networking and misc. online accounts creation, data mining, acquisition and tracking, site-linking and much more. Furthermore, considerations must be made to continuously/periodically update and keep current all created accounts in order to maximize system efficiency (especially website and social networking site).

  • Online Advertisements – Post promotional ads to online databases, your own website and social networking site(s), and search engines and pay-per-click advertisements (Google, Yahoo, Partner Websites, etc.).

  • Email Campaigns &/or Newsletter / Web-Log (BLOG) – A good newsletter or BLOG can drum up significant business if you can get likely customers to subscribe.

Walter Media's High-Quality Print Production Guarantee 

Brilliant Colors & Smooth Tones

We use high quality, coated paper stock along with liquid inks to produce bright, beautiful, and smooth color tones that will reflect your professional image. You may use any number of color combinations on either side of your prints including, but not limited to, full color photographs.

True Offset Lithography

While other printing companies have completely switched to laser or digital printing, we have remained committed to the superior quality of offset lithography for most of our products. We employ offset printers with high-resolution 200 lpi (4800 dpi) screens for crisp clear photos and increased color gamut. Our prints have rich, smooth solids without the streaking found in lesser quality prints. With offset printing your company image will look and feel more professional.

Premium Card Stock

The paper stock used is among the finest available. Cards are a comfortably thick 15-point stock (350 gsm) coated both sides with a satin matte finish and can grow to an impressive 16-point card with the glossy coating applied. Clients prefer our thick paper stock for business cards, postcards, greeting cards, jumbo mailers, bookmarks, and rack cards as it provides for a nice solid body that will hold up well over time, while providing an image of a professional company.


Premium Letterhead and Envelope Paper Stock

The acid free 70# paper used is an opaque, premium #1 stock with superior offset run ability. The opacity level allows for minimum see through giving you quality without increased cost. The crisp brightness allows for a consistent printing surface for all colors. This is a dependable and versatile paper that is guaranteed to work well in both laser and inkjet printers.


We are green! It's Important to us that you always receive the best quality print products at affordable prices; it's equally important that we minimize our environmental impact. We embrace our environmental responsibility and go above and beyond many other print providers, taking considerable care in the types of papers, inks and coatings and recycling methods we use.


(*Non-withstanding specific pre-existing contractual obligations) ANY & ALL Contracts (Written, Verbal, or otherwise) shall be rendered NULL & VOID After a Period of 1 Year (365 days) from signed contract date, regardless of outcome(s) or of any aforementioned terms (negotiated, or non). Any and all deposits and/or funds paid shall be forfeited should collaborative duties in order to fulfill said contracted duties not be observed by payee. There are no exceptions to this rule, unless stipulated by company officer through either personal litigation or lawful mitigated  negotiations.

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